Green Jewel of Central America

  I wanted to share with you guys my personal experience I had in Costa Rica with visual representations so you can obtain a better idea of just how wonderful this country is! I hope that I have convinced you to book your ticket and make that jump to travel to Central America because it … Continue reading Green Jewel of Central America


Waterfall Rappelling

During my stay in Costa Rica one of the activities that I did was rappel down waterfalls of numerous sizes when I was in La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano. I had never heard of such an activity and had only dabbled in some indoor rock climbing, so I figured it would be something along those … Continue reading Waterfall Rappelling


ASOPROLA is a non-profit organization located in the southern zone of the Puntarenas province in Costa Rica. The mission of the organization is to: "Integrate the work of men, women, youth and children in a program of action to ensure real sustainable development through diversification of productive activities committed to environmental protection, in addition, values … Continue reading ASOPROLA