Discovering Costa Rica

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Taken by one of my travel buddies Natalia Acosta 

Costa Rica will always be one of my favorite places I have traveled to not because I had the opportunity to live there for two months, but because of all the beauty such a small country is capable of holding. The gorgeous beaches that take your breath away, people who are laid back and enjoy the simpler things in life, great food (Empanadas are AMAZING), to the unbelievable amount of biodiversity, these will all be just some of the things you can discover once you decide to visit this gem of Central America. Traveling can be a headache in itself if you do not take the time to at least create a rough plan of what you want to discover while visiting Costa Rica, but no worries because you have come to the right place! Depending on your style of traveling, a trip to Costa Rica can become a bit pricy as it is not cheap compared to other Central American countries. Here are the best tips to get the best bang out of your buck!

Travel in the off-season: Starting in the month of April all the way to November is considered the rainy season and therefore this tends to be the months where you can find cheaper prices and the beaches are way less crowded. Do not let the term rainy season scare you away though because rainfall usually occurs during the early afternoon for only a few hours in any given day.

Take local transportation: If you are not in the market of renting a car abroad, have no fear because public transportation is very accessible and also very cheap here. Considering how small the country is, a bus ticket going from the center of the country to either coast will cost you about 5,000 Colones (about $10 USD). 

Eat at Sodas: You do not have to eat at fancy restaurants to experience authentic Costa Rican cuisine. I found the most delicous dishes were at Sodas, which are basically small cafes that offer traditional plates such as Gallo Pinto for as little as 3,000 Colones (about $6 USD), and any type of Empanada you could ever imagine for as little as 1,ooo Colones (about $2 USD).

Stay at Hostels or AirBnb: Some of the most amazing hostels can be found right on the beach and cost about 10,000 Colones (about $20 USD). AirBnb is also the best way to go because you not only get a better deal for lodging, but it allows you in some cases to shack up with locals and get a more authentic feel of the country and people that call it home; prices may vary depending on quality.