Parque Manuel Antonio

image1 Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica. Looking over many travel guides and websites, this is the spot that many recommend checking out before you return back home to the motherland. This is a tourist heavy destination, but with good reason because Manuel Antonio is home to a wide range of wildlife  such as sloths, monkeys, birds, and fish. The national park itself is home to some of the most beautiful beaches  I have ever seen (pictured above). Besides the national park, the town of Manuel Antonio has a wide array of activities that you can partake in:

Relax on the beach: The park and outside that particular area provides a number of white sand beaches where you can relax with a coconut drink in hand. Just be careful about locals trying to scam you into paying for parking at the beaches as these are not regulated in that manner.

Sunset Sailing: These tours seem to be the most popular here because the views are extremely breathtaking. You are thrown onto a catamaran where they take you further out into the ocean with a chance of seeing dolphins or whales!

Diving: You have the opportunity to explore the oceans where you will see beautiful reefs, tropical fish, and be able to choose from over 20 different diving spots. This does require certification so that must be taken into account. If that isn’t something you are interesting in, snorkeling is an easier alternative that offers just about the same thing but without the certification.