Traditional Dishes of Costa Rica

gallo-pinto-empanadaCosta Rica is home to some of the most delicious food and it only got better. Although not an actual dish, Empanadas comes to mind first because this fried pastry is stuffed with either cheese & beans, chicken, pork, ham & cheese, and well you get the idea. You could grab a huge and very yummy empanadas at a local Soda for as little as 1,000 Colones ($2 USD).
gallo-pinto-620x533Another classic dish of the country is called Gallo Pinto which is white rice and black beans mixed with local seasonings, minced cilantro, chopped onion, and Salsa Lizano (they put this sauce in just about every dish imaginable). This dish is usually served for breakfast but can also be seen served for lunch or dinner. Every morning my host mom would make me Gallo Pinto with an over easy egg, and Natilla (basically a sour cream in a bag and they also eat this with just about anything).

6c4f5267243a14c34c0d2c33a3403751One of my personal favorites that is also a traditional dish and fairly simple in the ingredients is Chifrijo. This dish contains rice, beans, meat (usually chicharrones) , and chimichurri (tomato based salad with lime juice). My host mother had made this for dinner one night and I ended up eating two full bowls of it because it is that tasty! This is not really considered something of a high end taste, but it sure does have a load of delicious flavors included in every bite.