Sister City: San Jose, Costa Rica

shutterstock_258842372San Jose, Costa Rica is the capital and can be found in the center of the country. The city is home to the National Theatre, where you can go catch a famous play all in Spanish of course. I wanted to touch on the capital because it was a place I did visit because I was living in the neighboring city of Heredia at the time. I have to be completely honest is saying that this Central American city did not meet my expectations at all. I had imagined it would of had a historical feel such as roaming the streets of say Madrid, Spain but it is far from that. The city is crowded, dirty, men will cat call you like it is their job, and not even my host mother enjoyed going there unless she really had to. I am not completely discrediting the city, but I am honest with my opinion that if you happen to find yourself near it go check it out, if not do not worry about it. I only traveled to San Jose once during my two month stay in Costa Rica and that is all I needed. I think the gentleman that yelled, “Sex tonight baby?!” sort of put me off from every returning. Many travel to Costa Rica to enjoy the nature, beaches, and wildlife and not so much a concrete jungle.