Monteverde Cloud Forest

f5b96eff52d785383b43e5dc31860b7cThe Monteverde Cloud Forest is located in the Puntarenas and Alajuela Provinces. This was the very first national park I had visited after being in the country for about a week. I was blown away by how dense the forest was and the fact that it does hold true to the name cloud forest because the entire time I felt like I was above the clouds.  Here are my top recommendations of what to experience while visiting:

Canopy Tours: Canopy tours are basically zip-lining but here in Costa Rica they go by a different name. It was my very first time zip-lining and I have so glad I had done it in Monteverde because it honestly felt like I was a bird flying through the clouds. I highly suggest you experience at least one canopy tour here.

Night Hiking: There are many places that offer night hikes through the forest with a highly experienced tour guide that provide you with flashlights in search of the forest’s night creatures. I took a night hike and was able to see tarantulas, snakes, and a sloth!

Coffee Tours: Although anywhere you go to in Costa Rica you will find the finest cup of Joe, Monteverde is home to the most delicious cup of coffee I have ever had in my life! I highly suggest taking home a few bags after a tour because the flavors within the beans are something I have never tasted anywhere else.