Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee

best-souvenirs-from-costa-rica-chorreador-de-cafeI cannot say that I am a huge coffee drinker or very knowledgable when it comes to certain beans, brewing techniques or whatever, but I can tell you Costa Rica holds some of the best coffee in the entire world. Coffee is a huge export business for the country and their environment has all the perfect characteristics to grow the perfect beans (just like Napa is known for wine). As I did not want to blow all my money on pointless souvenirs that would end up in the bottom of a drawer in a few months, my gifts to bring back to my friends and family were bags of coffee. Each place I visited I made it my mission to collect at least a few bags of coffee to bring home to the motherland. Like I said, I am the basic person that just orders what is on the menu at Starbucks so this was a huge eye opener for me. Coffee is very important to the people of Costa Rica and they drink it A LOT ( more than water and I am not joking). My host mother would brew me a cup for breakfast, then around 11 a.m. or so she would brew me another cup along with a pasty, and around the evening time like 7 p.m. another cup just because. Thew brewing technique they used was quite interesting too because it was a bit of a process but well worth it. The device used is called a chorreador in which you placed the ground coffee beans in the white bag and pour warm-hot water into the bag, so then it would steep into your pot.