Arenal Volcano


Taken by my friend Natalia Acosta

Taken by my friend Natalia Acosta

The still active volcano is located in Northwestern Costa Rica in the Alajuela Province. Here you can hike near the volcano, take canopy tours, ride ATVs near the volcano, and relax in the local hot springs! I absolutely loved this place because of how lush and green the nature was and the volcano was a breathtaking site. I had the pleasure of visiting Arenal with a few friends and it was also another place that I was amazed even existed on this earth. I was able to do a canopy tour here and ride ATVs through the jungle near the volcano itself. Here are some other suggestions of how to take in the beauty of this place:

Bungee Jumping: Obviously not for those that are afraid of heights or falling, this activity is in the most beautiful backdrop. Here you can jump with Arenal in the distance.

Caving: Arenal is home to some of the most intense caves and tours are given with head lamps and all. Of course this is another activity that might not be suitable for all, but it is something worth checking out.

Waterfall Repelling: If you are going to do anything in Arenal it should be this. Here you are attached to rock climbing gear by skilled tour guides that help repel you down massive waterfalls scattered all throughout the jungle. It is an adrenaline rush that I highly recommend experiencing!!