Territorio De Zaguates

fullsizerender-copyI first heard of this place from an online video floating around on Facebook and I immediately knew I was going to have to check it out before I left Costa Rica. Costa Rica does not believe in the euthanization of animals (specifically dogs) and it is considered illegal there. Territorio De Zaguates, also known as, “Land of the Strays,” is a volunteer run stray dog sanctuary where over 900 rescue dogs are taken care of in terms of food and shelter. They are given acres upon acres of land to roam freely and visitors from all over the world can come to run amongst them. I kept that promise to myself and I made it and it was honestly a dream come true. Being a dog lover for life and surrounded by piles and piles of gorgeous pups really put me in heaven. You can make a donation to the organization or if there is a pup you fall in love with they are adoptable and the organization will ship the dog anywhere in the world.