Classmates and I during our volunteering program

ASOPROLA is a non-profit organization located in the southern zone of the Puntarenas province in Costa Rica. The mission of the organization is to: “Integrate the work of men, women, youth and children in a program of action to ensure real sustainable development through diversification of productive activities committed to environmental protection, in addition, values and culture of the population.”
During my week long stay with the organization, I lived with a local family that benefits from work that ASOPROLA is able to provide to individuals and/or families in order to boost economic stability within the small town.
Throughout my stay, I interacted with locals of all ages and assisted in a number of activities that taught me about sustainable development in rural communities:
-Placed plant soil into small bags to prepare for plantation of future coffee seeds and transported to local greenhouse.
-Transported young coffee plants from local greenhouse to open fields where we released from small plastic bags and planted into soil.
– Assisted with construction process of ASOPROLA’s new business office by digging a ditch to make way for electrical pipelines.
-Placed dirt into bags to transport to local school’s soccer field to assist in its restoration for students/families.
-Participated in outdoor games with local school children.
– Painted ASOPROLA volunteer headquarters and created ceramic wall murals.