Poas Volcano

326Poas Volcano is located in the Alajuela province in Costa Rica and is still active. The main crater of the volcano is 950 feet deep and when you go to visit, you are able to look over the ledge deep down into it where you can see the water that has filled it up. I visited the volcano with classmates during a weekend excursion because it was about a thirty minute drive from campus. However, we went pretty early in the morning so there happened to be quite a bit of fog that day so when we walked up to Poas all we saw was white. There was so much fog that day that all we could see what a sheet of white and not even the sun could shine through it. A lot of us had left because we knew there was no chance the fog would break before we had to leave and some of us stayed hoping it would. All we ended up seeing was a very quick glimpse of the crater before the white sheet came back to cover the spectacular view. The picture was what we should of seen but nature had other plans in mind and unfortunately I cannot say I feel like I witnessed it in all of its beauty. This is a very popular tourist destination and the pictures I did come across over the internet had me pretty bummed that the fog was so bad that day. You will see a lot of volcanoes in Costa Rica, but not one with a crater like this one. If I can leave you with any tip it is to visit this volcano much later on in the day because my host family had taken some friends from out of the country to Poas a mere two hours after I had visited with my class and they were able to get a shot just as awesome as the one posted above.