Surfing Costa Rica

13731672_10155036619158275_2824397053608126925_nI have always wanted to try surfing and never really quite knew when that would be exactly, until I came to Costa Rica. I live near Santa Cruz, Ca which is a world renowned place for surfers, but honestly the Pacific Ocean over here is cold, dark, and just not how I envisioned myself catching that first wave. Of course Hawaii was also another great surfing destination, but I was way too little to try surfing when I vacationed there with my family many years ago. So here I was in this beautiful paradise where I spent the last two weeks straight exploring both the Pacific ( much prettier when you are closer to the Equator) and Caribbean  oceans. I had spent my last few days in Tamarindo with my good friends Gabby and Angelique at a hostel that just so conveniently offered surfing lessons so we jumped on the opportunity immediately. Our instructor piled about six to seven of us total into a van and brought us to a pretty calm and tourist free beach which was great because I was worried I might crash into other swimmers in the ocean. After about a ten to fifteen minute lesson on the sand to teach us how to properly stand on our board etc, we were ready to hit the water. A few failed attempts was how I started but that was okay because I was determined to catch  at least one during our hour and half session. Finally, I caught my first wave and I rode that thing all the way to the shore! The best way I can describe surfing is your feel like you are just gliding on the wave and it was such a fun experience that I recommend anyone try it at least once!