13754149_10155036635333275_6017509580638729775_nDuring my first week in Heredia, all of my classmates and I were led by our professors to a local market where we had the opportunity to sample some tropical fruits that are commonly seen in Costa Rica. One of the first fruits we tried my teacher called it, “Granadilla,” (which is a bit of Spanish slang for grenade) because these fruits looked like orange balls. My professor Gretel pierced her finger into the skin and showed us what was inside and she then told us to take a slurp. The seeds were crunchy and tangy with a sweet goo coating them and I was quite intrigued by the different flavors and textures happening in my mouth all at once. Immediately after that I purchased about five of these to take home and snack on. These fruits are actually called Maracuya and we know it as Passion Fruit. I wanted to highlight this fruit because it was something that I had never had before and was also a way for me to experience how the locals shop for their produce because the environment was completely different than your local grocery store. They do take a bit of a different form than the passion fruit that comes to an American’s mind, but definitely try these fruits during your travels in Costa Rica because they are pretty delicious!