Waterfall Rappelling


Pure Trek Canyoning Summer 2016

During my stay in Costa Rica one of the activities that I did was rappel down waterfalls of numerous sizes when I was in La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano. I had never heard of such an activity and had only dabbled in some indoor rock climbing, so I figured it would be something along those lines (I was completely wrong). The hotel my friends and I stayed at offered us a number of different companies to choose from but we ended up going with Pure Trek Canyoning. Our package included a Costa Rican lunch and they drove us and other participants in vans to the starting point where we would put on our helmets, rain jackets, and our harnesses ( the lovely tour guides trained you/ put on the harness for you). After a small hike down to the first starting point, we all waited in line as each person one by one stood next to the ledge to get linked on and on their way down the waterfall. You would think that they would save the most extreme for last, but these guys wanted to get the adrenaline pumping right away because when I looked down it was a very long drop. I was a bit nervous but each instructor was very very friendly and made sure that you knew they were not going to let anything bad happen to and to just have fun! The very first water fall that you are rappelled down, they swing you into the water and you splash around in it as you continue your descent. There was at least seven different waterfalls we went down and they made sure to get some good action shots of you on your way down. Waterfall rappelling was one of the most exciting activities I participated in during my travels and I recommend you try it with this company because the instructors made it very fun and they were not that bad to look at either.