Let’s Talk About Mosquitos


Daytime Aedes Mosquito

So let me start by saying that mosquito bites are the most annoying thing you could have to deal with because they itch so bad! Before I had made my way to Costa Rica the media in the United States was dramatizing the whole Zika Virus and how many that had traveled to South and Central America were contracting the virus abroad and bringing it back here to the U.S.  Of course this scared me as I definitely did not want to contract Zika Virus while I was abroad for the next two months, so I tried to take the extra precautions. First of all, I think it is very important to educated one self with further research as oppose to solely relying on the media, so here is a helpful link: Zika Virus in Costa Rica.

From here I was informed on the recommended repellents I could use to prevent bites and I went ahead and bought those repellents in the United States before I left (I had purchased repellent with at least 40% DEET). Once I had been there for about a week, my calves were covered in mosquito bites and I immediately thought I was in trouble. This had continued for my entire stay there and I tried every bug spray imaginable ( I tried to buy one in Costa Rica but it was the same brands we carry back home, but double the price). I spoke to my host family and many other locals about the whole Zika Virus thing and they told me it only really affects those traveling to the beaches on the coasts because that is the common place the certain species of mosquitos inhabits. Long story short, I wasn’t going to die from all my mosquito bites or even catch Zika for that matter. So if you are scared about traveling to Costa Rica because of the virus, DO NOT BE SCARED because mosquito bites are inevitable and as long as you are extra cautious and reapply when you hanging at the beaches, you should be okay.  For more information on Zika Virus feel free to also visit: WHO