Infographics Project

A unique way to relay information without boring your reader is through something called an Infographic. I used an online program called which you can sign up for an account to create and share your visual ideas. There are many templates available to get you started, but I decided to give it a shot and try and create something fun and unique on my own. So, I came up with two different inforgraphics that would be able to tell my readers some interesting information that pertained to Costa Rica. The program allowed me to select from a number of fonts, background colors/designs, and clip art. I chose to focus on facts about sloths (everyone loves these cute creatures so why not get a bit more informed on them) and the top three national parks in Costa Rica (these national parks were recommended to me by the host family I lived with during my stay).

10funfactsaboutsloths-copy       costaricanationalparks-copy