Tips & Tricks


Natalia Acosta Photography

When I was planning my two month stay in Costa Rica, I would search every website out there in order to truly understand and feel prepared for my new journey there. A lot of the information I had found on websites or in books were a great deal of help, but also coming across blogs from others out there had given me a more authentic feel of what to truly expect as a young traveler. I felt prepared when I arrived but I also learned so many things through trial and sometimes error. So having lived there for two months, here are the best tips and tricks I can relay to you that helped make my trip that much more enjoyable!

Travel Light: There is nothing more painful than having to drag five bags of all your stuff around with you. Do not cramp your style and travel light because half the time you can be in a bathing suit chilling on a beach!

Learn Some Spanish: Although some tourist rich places are known to have locals that can speak English some do not. I traveled all throughout the country and knowing basic conversational Spanish went a long way for me. Even if you are not comfortable give it a shot because most of the time the locals are very kind and encouraging.

Try to Avoid Street Food: It is safe to say that avoiding local street food is the best way in avoiding spending four days straight sitting on  a toilet. This is not to discredit the street vendors you will encounter, but the preparation process might not be what our stomachs are use to back home, so it could easily end up being a crummy situation. Stick to Sodas or restaurants.

Bring Good Shoes: Of course every fashionista wants to choose style over comfort, but boy did I learn that the hard way. Bring a good pair of sandals or closed toed shoes you will not mind tossing after your trip.