Canopy Tours in Costa Rica


My friend Gabby during our canopy tour

I had never done zip-lining before I traveled to Costa Rica, but in Central America it goes by canopy tours so figuring that out took me a minute while searching google for activities to do while I was there. The first canopy tour I did in the Monteverde Cloud forest where they took us on over 10 different lines that stretched out way above the tree tops (I felt like I was a bird flying in the clouds). What made this canopy tour so special was the backdrop because I was able to view the cloud forest in such a different perspective than I would have on the hanging bridges they also had or hiking through the forest. Although it was raining on and off during the entire session I had such an amazing time ( do not let tropical rain scare you off from activities, only if lighting is involved of course). I had the opportunity to do another canopy tour around Arenal Volcano and it was also raining during the entire excursion (mind you I traveled to Costa Rica during prime wet season). Canopy tours are very exhilarating and fun for all ages. I am a student on a budget here so I opted out on paying a bit extra for different attachment options, but if you feel like spending a bit more you can hang in different positions during your tour. I was latched on where I sat in my harness like a swing, but you have the option of flying on your stomach or even hanging upside down like a mono (monkey in Spanish). One of the special surprises both companies threw in at the end was the option to swing like Tarzan (pictured above) and I have to say this was scarier than the canopy tour in itself. If you have an itch for adventure when you travel, I highly suggest taking a jab at this activity because you will enjoy the hell out of it!