InDesign Project

My blog is an easy way to reach out to those that are active online and interested in visiting Costa Rica. People now a days like their information fast and with lots of pictures, so I decided to describe activities you can do in a brochure format as well. A brochure is a good format to relay information quickly and those interested can just grab one and have the information readily available without the hassle of technology. For this project I used Adobe InDesign’s brochure template, but I decided to create my own colors, graphics, and text.I wanted to make the brochure visually appealing and have fun with the software so I made my picture boxes circular, blended two different colors together, and write from my personal experiences doing these activities during my stay in the country. Mostly all of the photos I took during my two months there and I actually did all of the activities that I recommended in the brochure. I hope this will further excite you and push your decision to plan a trip to Costa Rica.