Get More Bang for your Buck!


Taken by me Summer 2016

A tropical getaway is a destination those consider when they want to escape the frigid temperatures of their home town and basque in the sun all day elsewhere. Costa Rica is a great place to escape to if you want warm weather and beautiful beaches to hang out on. However, the Central American country is TROPICAL so you will expect high humidity and wet conditions (A.K.A rain) that occur quite often and one of the main reasons this destination is so lush.

There really is not different seasons in the country, so it is either dry and humid or wet and humid.Little to no rain occurs from the month of December all the way to April and mostly rain occurs from the month of May to November. Now most would assume that going in the dry months is the most ideal because why go on vacation somewhere when it is going to be raining most of the time.Well A LOT of people have that same exact idea so these are the months when tourism is high and that means the prices surge in hotels, airfare, and activities. I went to Costa Rica from end of May to mid July, and honestly the rain was not that bad and everything was increasingly cheaper. The thing about this tropical weather is that it will rain very hard for about an hour or two during 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. then it is dry the rest of the day/evening. Costa Rica is actually one of the most expensive countries in Central America so any chance you get to save some money I would say do it. My experience in the country during the wet season was I am sure just as enjoyable as someone else’s that had gone during the dry season. If anything those few times of being caught in the rain and soaked made for some fun memories because it is still considerably warm all year round.